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Getting Started With Mediation

Orientation: You start by scheduling an orientation session. The session generally lasts about one hour, and both parties must attend together. The cost of the session is $100. The orientation session does not obligate you to undertake the process, nor obligate us to accept you as clients. Some cases are not appropriate for mediation, and that will be determined at the orientation. The orientation session will include time for questions.

If you decide to go forward and we decide to take your case, you will receive our divorce mediation manual, which will be helpful to you in your divorce. You will also get a financial disclosure statement to fill out and a list of documents to provide. This is similar to the discovery process in divorce litigation, but a lot less burdensome.

In some cases, after receiving your disclosure statement and documents, we will prepare a case analysis to serve as our guide in your case. We will then schedule your first mediation session and advise you of the issues that will likely be discussed at that meeting.

In other cases, if you come to your orientation session ready to proceed, you can have a substantive meeting with a lawyer the same day.

Contact Our Office Today

If you are ready to get started, you can give our attorneys a call at 703-777-7740 in Leesburg, Virginia, or send us an email.