Q1. Are your hunts guaranteed?

Yes all of our hunts are 100% GUARANTEED! If for some reason you weren’t able to harvest a trophy buck during your stay, you will be invited back to try again. Your deposit will be applied once you are satisfied.

Q2. Where are you located?

We are in Western Kentucky located approximately 2 hours northwest of Nashville, TN and an hour South of Evansville , IN.

Q3. Are children allowed to hunt?

Yes, we don’t have any specific minimum age; however, we require that the child be accompanied by adult parent or guardian.

Q4. Why should I consider a preserve hunt?

Preserve hunts allow the hunter to maximize time spent in the field. Many private ranch hunters can attest to the fact that they spend most of the year feeding, managing property, scouting, controlling predators, keeping trespassers out, etc.

Q5. Do I need to have a non-resident Kentucky hunting license?

No, Tradewater Whitetails, LLC is permitted by the State of Kentucky we are not required to have a State hunting license.

Reservations and Payment

Q1. How much of a deposit do I need to make to schedule a hunt?

We ask that a deposit of $1,000.00 per hunter be made when we book the reservation. The deposit is credited towards your overall hunt price.

Q2. What if we are unable to make our hunt reservation date?

We will do our best to accommodate you on another date close to your original schedule. If that is not possible, we can move your deposit to another date in the next hunting season with no penalty.

Q3. What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards*, cash and cashier’s checks. *Credit card payments require an additional 3% which is charged by the bank at transaction time. Deposits made via credit card prior to your hunt DO NOT incur the transaction fee.

Q4. Are there any other charges besides the trophy fee?

The only other charge would be the addition of 3% service charge to any credit card payment at the time of transaction. Everything is included in our price except gratuity for your guide.

Camping and Lodging

Q1. How many nights of lodging are included?

Our standard stay is 3 full days of hunting and three nights of lodging. If you need to stay over a 4th night for travel purposes; just let us know. If we have space available, we will happily accommodate your request.

Q2. What type of food is provided?

We provide two home cooked meals each day. Breakfast is typically after the morning hunt and dinner in the early evening. We will have coffee, juice, milk, soft drinks and water available before you head out in the morning. There are always sandwiches, chips and snacks available for lunch or any other time you may get hungry.

Q3. Do you have a shooting range?

Yes, there is a table with a lead sled at the lodge which can be used to make sure your rifle is still on target. We also have bow targets available.

Trophy Care

Q1. What happens after my deer is down?

TW staff will retrieve your buck and transport him to the skinning shed where he will be skinned and quartered to transport. Meat can be place in a cooler on ice for you to take home.

Q2. Can you process my deer?

No, but there are commercial processors in the area that can help you.

Q3. Do you provide taxidermy services?

No, but we work closely with an experienced local taxidermist. If you are planning to take your trophy elsewhere for taxidermy, we can cape out your head and freeze the cape.


Lodging, 2 Meals a day, onsite transportation, trophy caping and quartering (bring your cooler), sodas, water and alcoholic beverages if desired, hunting licenses not required.


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