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CBD is non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and easy to use hemp supplement that is completely natural and reported to help with a number of common mind and body ailments.

Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the hemp plant, a highly recognizable “multipurpose” plant with numerous medicinal, industrial, textile, and remedy uses. Cannabidiol is currently legal throughout most of the United States because it is not psychoactive (unlike THC, the active component of marijuana).

CBD affects your endocannabinoid system, a naturally-occuring part of your biochemistry that functions a little bit like your endocrine system. In the same way that hormones can be balanced and imbalanced, your internal levels of various cannabinoids can be out of balance. Because your endocannabinoid system spreads throughout your entire body, supplementing with CBD can have a positive effect on many, many parts of your life.

The medical community has been conducting ongoing research into the potential uses for CBD, and an ever-growing list of anecdotal accounts from patients and home users indicate that CBD could be used as a treatment for many afflictions and illnesses.

Many recent studies have shown that CBD may help manage pain by affecting certain key receptors, and preclinical studies have shown that CBD reduces pain and inflammation, including that from arthritis. Countless people are using CBD to combat anxiety symptoms and social awkwardness. The compounds in these products send signals to your body to calm down and lessen the 'fight or flight' response that is typically responsible for fear, jitters, and panic attacks. Have you been looking for a way to be more relaxed in social situations? CBD could be the answer!

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How can you be sure you’re getting the best CBD products on the market? How can you ensure top quality and purity? What guarantees are available, and what retailers can you trust?

King Buddha sets the standard for quality from plant cultivation to final production. You can verify the potency, purity, and safety of all King Buddha products by viewing the third-party test results on our website or scanning the QR code on your product label.

We do rigorous testing on all of our raw materials for pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, microbials and more to make sure we’re using safe, top-quality ingredients in our formulations. All Hemp must meet or exceed the definition of industrial hemp per the U.S. 2018 Farm Bill (Plant must have less than 0.3% THC content by dry weight).

But what about quality? Is it possible to get the best CBD without emptying your wallet? Absolutely! King Buddha doesn’t make you choose because we bring the value.

Our CBD products are sourced from non-GMO hemp grown at our fields in New York, Kentucky, and Colorado using all-natural farming methods then processed in an FDA/GMP certified facility -- the strictest of standards are followed at every step. Every product is independently lab tested so that you can be sure you’re getting the best every time.

Check out our independent lab results here!

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THC-Free Product

*THC-free is defined as undetectable at the lowest level which can be consistently detected using valid scientific analytical tools.

US Grown Hemp

GMO-free American-grown hemp cultivated according to organic practices and grown without pesticides

Superior Hemp Extract

Pure & Premium HEMP-DERIVED CANNABIDIOL PRODUCTS for Your Mind & Body.

Extensive Third Party Testing

All products go through extensive 3rd party testing by ISO-certified labs.

GMP Registered Facility

Manufactured, packaged, & stored in an GMP Registred facilities

FDA Registered Facility

Manufactured, packaged, & stored in an FDA Registred facilities

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All purchases are backed by our 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Simply reach out to customer service, and we’ll quickly fix it – easy as that.

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